At SunRay Solar We Take Control over Rising Energy Costs

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REQUEST ROOF INSPECTION Not only can we inspect your roof before solar installation, we can replace and repair it as well!


You own your home, you own your car, so why not own your power? Our goal here at SunRay Solar is to help homeowners become power owners as well, making your power bill an asset rather than a liability. Go solar today and start owning your power.


SunRay Solar’s highest priority is customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by providing our customers with a personal solar concierge to help answer any of their questions. We use a simple 4 step process so that you can enjoy your new solar system faster.

We ensure that you're eligible and qualify for solar.
We design a system to give you optimum solar output.
Our concierge team secures the necessary permits and permissions.
Our professional team installs your system.
You enjoy the benefits of owning your clean energy.

Renewable Energy Solar Power Solutions

Demand more and choose reliable, tailored products at the cutting-edge of solar technology.

Residential Solar
<span>Austin</span> Services
Homeowners take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.MORE INFO
Commercial Solar
<span>Austin</span> Services
Solar energy is a smart and forward-thinking choice for businesses.MORE INFO
Industrial Solar
<span>Austin</span> Services
High energy usage is a significant contributor to operating expenses.MORE INFO
Remote Areas Solar
<span>Austin</span> Services
At SunRay Solar we live and breathe off grid power.MORE INFO
Solar Street Lighting
<span>Austin</span> Services
Renewable energy systems & lighting solutions for industry and business.MORE INFO
Tesla Powerwall
<span>Austin</span> Services
Fully-integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use.MORE INFO
Solar Panel Installation
<span>Austin</span> Services
Reduce your home or business electricity bills with a solar system installation.MORE INFO
Solar Panel Cleaning
<span>Austin</span> Services
Professional chemical free solar panel cleaning in residential, commercial and rural areas.MORE INFO
Solar Panel Maintenance
<span>Austin</span> Services
Recommend homeowners have a full electrical inspection every couple of yearsMORE INFO

Inspire Innovation With Solar Energy

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Gallery
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Solar Panel Financing

We finance a range of renewable energy assets including solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems, energy efficient lighting, power factor correction, voltage optimisation, building management systems, battery storage, metering and metering infrastructure, solar farms and more.

Roof Repair

Many homeowners eagerly start the process of solar installation only to discover a roofing problem. Don’t let roofing issues surprise you! If your roof is damaged, aging, or simply not strong enough to bear the burden of your new solar system, then you’ve got to deal with that problem before you can go solar!