Solar Panel Maintenance
As Texas’s leading solar service company, we can take care of every aspect of maintenance and repair for solar systems.

We offer a comprehensive solar system analysis, helping to identify any issues that could lead to under-performing panels such as dead cells, dirty cells, or ageing components. A solar panel system in top condition will ensure maximum efficiency and access to sustainable solar power for years to come.

The importance of solar panel maintenance

While solar power systems generally work seamlessly without intervention, professional maintenance and cleaning is sometimes required to ensure effective operation and maximum efficiency.

SunRay Solar offers master maintenance services by certified technicians. This includes solar system analysis and testing, and solar panel cleaning, ensuring you get the most from your solar system and enjoy years of trouble-free use.

Along with sales and installation, our nationwide network of professionals allows us to provide maintenance packages for homes and businesses across the country. No matter where your home or business can be found in Texas, we have a team for the job.